Thursday, May 23, 2013

Organizing My Daily 5 Math Work Stations

I started my own version of Daily 5 math in January of this year. I used the 4 math standards for first grade common core math and added "Read Math," to make 5 work stations.

Each "Read Math" activity begins with the reading of a short book or poem that relates to math. After reading, students complete a math activity that goes along with the book or poem. I will share some of those activies soon!

I am constantly on the look-out for activites for these stations--teacher blogs, pinterest, and TPT are a few of my faves. When I put together an activity, I store it in a folder labeled with the activity name and math standard. Each folder is then placed in a "math standard" crate. I use a spread sheet to plan for each month. Click here to download a copy of the spreadsheet.  I always write on my spreadsheet in pencil because I am constantly moving and adding new things. Please visit again soon as I will be adding more about Daily 5 math--I'm just saying.....



  1. Your blog is looking very cool! So glad I am your school neighbor so I can get previews of your ideas!! You are very creative!