Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily 5 Math

I was so excited to start my own version of First Grade-Common Core-Daily 5 Math (that's a mouth full!) at the beginning of third quarter!  I aligned four work stations to first grade common core: (1) Numbers & Operations in Base 10, (2) Operations & Algebraic Thinking, (3) Geometry, (4) Measurement & Data.  The fifth work station is called "Reading Math." Students read books and poems about math and complete related activites. It has worked great so far. Students are getting meaningful practice and review each time they go to work stations. It has given me the opportunity to work with individual students and small groups. I would love to hear from other primary teachers who have math work stations/small group-guided math or use Daily 5 Math. Our Daily 5 Math ROCKS!!! I'm just saying...Photobucket

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Waiting (not to patiently) for Spring

I don't know about you, but I have had enough winter and am ready for spring. I want to put away sweaters and courduroys and exchange them for short sleeves and capris. Since it's not quite warm enough to change clothes, I put away the "winter" clip art and got out the "spring stuff." I made "Hop to 100," a place value game for 1.NBT.2. I used different colored pom-poms for markers. Thanks to my wonderful assistant, Donna B., for the pom-pom suggestion! The graphics are from and the fonts are from www.kevinandamanda.comClick here to download. Hopefully, spring is just around the corner. I'm just saying...